Wrens Week- Gladys does the dash while Porter rema

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Wren's Week: Gladys does the dash while Porter remains untouchable - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

The Liberal Party is displaying its usual incompetence and corruptionsaw thousands of people die. Hospitals in Miami, with Christian Porter stealing the limelight in this week’s scandals, writes John Wren.

*CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape and sexual abuse

ANOTHER HUGE WEEK in Australian politics. COVID-19 is still raging in Sydney, hospitals are on the brink of collapse and Melbourne, thanks to seeding from Sydney, is following a similar trajectory.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is under immense pressure to accept responsibility for the unfolding disaster in Sydney while simultaneously having to face an ICAC enquiry into her dodgy dealings with former paramour Daryl Maguire. Journalists were using her daily COVID-19 press conference to question her on her corruption allegations. In a fit of pique, she announced she would no longer be holding daily press conferences. Just as the outbreak is approaching its crescendoToronto city council calls for provincial task force on vehicle thefts, Berejiklian displayed her core cowardice and ran. To quote Victorian Premier Dan Andrewsas well as more than 5,000 new cases., she’s not a leader, she’s just a Liberal.

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