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Ceiling plays a very important role in the decoration of the whole room. Proper decoration of the top surface of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful artistic image of indoor space. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, we should follow the principles of saving materials, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality

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◆ form classification of home decoration ceiling

ceiling plays a very important role in the whole room decoration. Proper decoration of the top surface of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful artistic image of indoor space. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, we should follow the principles of saving materials, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality

the flat ceiling refers to the ceiling without any shape and layer on the surface. The top structure is flat, concise, neat and generous, and the materials are less than other ceiling forms. It is suitable for ceiling decoration in all kinds of rooms

concave convex ceiling (usually called shape top): concave convex ceiling refers to a form of ceiling with concave or convex structure on the surface. This kind of ceiling has complex shape, rich in changes, strong sense of stratification, and is suitable for the top decoration of halls, foyers, restaurants, etc. It is often overlapped with lamps (chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc.)

suspended type: suspended type is a form of suspended ceiling that suspends various plates, metals, glasses, etc. on the structural layer. This kind of ceiling is rich in variety and dynamic, giving people a refreshing aesthetic feeling. It is often used in ceiling decoration of hotels, concert halls, exhibition halls, film and television halls, etc. It often produces unique shapes through various lights, which is full of artistic interest of light and shadow

well format: well format ceiling is a form of ceiling made of false lattice beams by using the shape guidance of well shaped beams or for the shape of the top surface. Cooperate with lamps and single-layer or multiple decorative lines to decorate, enrich the shape of the ceiling or reasonably partition the room

glass type: the glass top is a form of using transparent, translucent or painted glass as the indoor top, which is mainly for lighting, viewing and beautifying the environment, and can be made into dome, flat roof, folding roof and other forms. It gives people a magical feeling of brightness, freshness and indoor visibility

◆ choice of ceiling for home decoration

at present, the indoor height of most homes is about 2.75 meters, and the storey height of some high-rise buildings is even only 2.6 meters. The ceiling reduces the indoor space, but people generally believe that home decoration is not good without the ceiling. Of course, some ceilings in home decoration are really good. By decorating the ceiling, it not only hides the inherent deficiencies left by the building, but also decorates the ceiling into a modeling pattern with a strong sense of art

the top surface of some home buildings was originally square and flat, and no primary and secondary beams protruded. However, when making decoration, they have to make a big fight. They have to drop the surrounding area by oneortwo levels, fill the falling level with fluorescent lamp strips, fill the surrounding area with energy-saving bulbs, and even install color fluorescent tubes. This makes the whole room look very commercial. In fact, when making top decoration, light lines such as an internal corner line or a flat corner line can play a decorative role, rather than necessarily using the method of ceiling. Excessive decoration will also cause visual psychological burden

◆ design requirements of home decoration ceiling

① it is used to block structural components and various equipment pipelines and devices

② for room ceilings with acoustic requirements, the surface shape and materials should be considered according to the sound quality requirements

③ ceiling is an important part of interior decoration, which should be considered in combination with interior design. Various lamps and air conditioning vents installed on the ceiling should become an organic whole of ceiling decoration

④ it should be convenient to repair various devices and pipelines hidden in the ceiling

⑤ the ceiling should be convenient for industrial construction, and wet operation should be avoided as far as possible

◆ precautions for home decoration ceiling

the floor height of residence is very critical. If the floor height is very low, or even less than 2.5 meters, then it is not suitable for large-scale ceiling, but it can be suspended in a small area. For example, a secondary roof with a width of more than 10 cm and a height of 10~18 cm can be hung around the house, with upward lighting hidden inside, while the middle part remains the original height, and the top can be painted with light blue paint, which will make the top appear as high as the sky and enrich the top level. Or partial ceiling in a concealed part of the room can achieve the same effect. For rooms with high floors, you can freely choose the ceiling mode and shape, which can be arc, round, square, special-shaped roof, or can be divided into two or even multi-level ceiling shape, and you can use a large area of ceiling to reduce the floor height

the concealed works should be done well first: whether the lighting power supply, air conditioning, video and audio lines need to be hidden in the ceiling, and whether the lighting mode and the installation position of lamps and lanterns should be made clear, otherwise the line can only be opened in the future, which will affect the appearance

the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom: it must be easy to clean, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Generally, gusset plates are used to make a comprehensive ceiling

safety should be ensured: the ceiling must be firm, otherwise falling will hurt people or objects

◆ misunderstanding of home decoration ceiling

myth 1: installing the ceiling is enough grade. In fact, because the floor height of commercial housing is not as high as before, it is usually only 2.6— 2.8 meters. Installing a ceiling in such a relatively narrow space will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then cause some physiological reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, etc

Myth 2: uneven shapes will highlight the personality of the host. When installing the ceiling, some people will design uneven shapes, or use glass, mirrors and other materials, which brings difficulties to the usual cleaning, making the ceiling a place to hide dirt, thus polluting the indoor air environment. This is especially true in northern areas with heavy sandstorms and dust

myth 3: color light source can create a good atmosphere. Many families will install some colorful bulbs on the ceiling. In fact, these strange feelings are not suitable for ordinary families. Abuse is also easy to make the room appear impetuous and destroy the warm and harmonious mood

◆ home decoration ceiling construction process

1. Try to use light steel keel when wood keel or light steel keel can be used. This is because the expansion and contraction of wood is relatively large, which is easy to cause structural deformation

2. Pay attention to expansion joints in design and construction. Expansion joints shall be reserved at each joint and inverted at an angle of 45 degrees to avoid stress accumulation

3. Light steel keel or wood keel shall be installed smoothly with standard spacing

4. Self tapping screws should be evenly distributed to ensure that the force borne by each self tapping screw is close, otherwise it is easy to form side lock reaction, which will make the structure lose stability and produce deformation cracks

improper environment is another cause of ceiling deformation and cracking. Humidity is the most important environmental factor affecting the cracking and deformation of gypsum board and plywood. During the construction process, there is moisture from all aspects, which makes the plate absorb the surrounding moisture, and gradually dry and contract in the long-term use, resulting in crack and deformation of the plate joint. Therefore, in the construction, the air humidity should be reduced as much as possible, good ventilation should be maintained, and the construction should not be carried out until the concrete moisture content reaches the standard. Reduce wet operation as far as possible. During surface treatment, appropriate sealing measures can be taken for the plate surface, such as rolling one coat of varnish, to reduce the moisture absorption of the plate

ceiling cracking is the most common quality problem in the process of home decoration. With so much said, it is still impossible to completely avoid the problem of ceiling cracking. If the ceiling of your home decoration has cracks, please don't panic and inform the decoration company to carry out warranty. Generally, the structure of home decoration will stabilize after a four-season reincarnation test, and generally there will be no ceiling cracks again




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