How to distinguish whether the balcony at home is

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(master work of good doors and windows - Cartier doors and windows) the balcony is an indispensable scenery in the home

should the balcony be made into an open type

to fully contact nature

or should it be sealed, Make the indoor space more spacious

many families face a dilemma when decorating

now more and more children fall

the news of falling from the balcony has emerged on major websites

for the safety of children

it is very necessary to seal the balcony

how to distinguish whether the balcony at home is suitable for casement windows or sliding windows? See what industry experts say

industry experts: there are small accessories around the casement window, which increases the firmness of the window and is conducive to anti-theft safety. The window is tightly locked with multiple locking points, and at the same time, the combination of multiple sealant strips achieves the effect of sealing and insulation. The casement window can better maintain the indoor temperature in winter. The most important thing is that it can not only ensure the maximum circulation of indoor air, but also better than the sliding window in sealing and air tightness, which can effectively isolate dust and rain

industry experts: sliding windows mainly include up and down sliding and left and right sliding. The window with this structure saves space and does not occupy the space inside or outside the window. Sliding window is easy to manufacture and install. However, it should be noted that the sliding window can only be operated in one plane, usually only 50% of the window can be opened, and there is no air circulation of the casement window

Cartier doors and windows: high-rise users are recommended to choose casement windows, which have good sealing performance, reduce air conditioning energy consumption in summer, reduce floor heating heat loss in winter, and reduce noise at the same time

the same quality casement window is better than sliding window in function. No wonder users choose casement windows more. But Xiaobian concluded that the balcony should be sealed according to the region, city, whether it is facing the street, how many floors to live in and other factors, to consider what windows to use. Cardi doors and windows bridge broken aluminum doors and windows is the best choice for your family to seal the balcony. Ordinary homes can also be "installed" in a grand and luxurious way





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