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Xiangtan Hongyang home decoration night talk 4: analysis of indoor lighting design

Xiangtan Hongyang decoration (Hongyang home accessories) series public welfare lectures have been held for one month. With the expansion and deepening of the contents of the lectures, they have gradually attracted the attention of more and more owners, and the "listening team" is growing. On August 10, the fourth public lecture of "home decoration night talk" was held in the expectation of all owners: living in nature - light and shadow art life

gona &# 8226; Bokailiz once said, "there is no space without light". In people's life, light is not only the condition of indoor lighting, but also the basic element to express space form and create environmental atmosphere. As an important part of interior environment design, interior lighting design plays a vital role in creating a safe and comfortable living space. It should not only meet the various needs of residents in terms of function, but also the lighting effect of space can not be ignored. In order to let the owners understand this, Xiangtan hongyangte sent senior designer Zhou Dan to explain the interior lighting design

in the lecture, Zhou Dan explained the lighting design under various life forms, such as the lighting design needed for watching TV in the living room, the lighting design in the rest place, the lighting design in the kitchen, etc. He gave an example to the owner: the worse the color temperature is, the yellower the light is, the darker the space is, which is relatively warm and easy to make people feel tired. Therefore, a warm bedroom can adopt wall lamps with poor color temperature to create a warm feeling, while the living room can consider installing beautiful and atmospheric multi-functional chandeliers, which can not only choose different lighting brightness according to different needs, but also decorate the living room. Meanwhile, Zhou Dan patiently explained a point to everyone: lamp is not only a concept, but also a kind of decoration. Light is the real need of life. With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards, various lighting decorations emerge in endlessly, which makes people dizzying. Lighting has increasingly become an indispensable part of the overall effect of decoration. Lamps and lanterns are not only a symbol of the owner's aesthetics and taste, but also an important object to beautify the room space. Therefore, it is particularly important to select the most suitable lamps and lanterns for the design of the entire indoor environment

what is the luminosity required for space? What is the luminosity of different life forms? For everyone's common question, Zhou Dan gave the answer: "when the luminous flux of an object evenly illuminated by light is 1 lumen in an area of 1 square meter, its illumination is 1 lux. 1500-750 lux is required for homework; 300-750 lux is required for reading, makeup, kitchen table and telephone." In order to facilitate the understanding of the owners, Zhou Dan simply started an experiment on the scene, testing the illuminance of the spotlights, headlights and other lights in Xiangtan Hongyang hall through a photometer, so that the owners can understand what kind of lights are suitable for what kind of life form from the actual experience of the scene

At the end of the lecture, Zhou Dan summed up his years of design experience for everyone: "the form of the living room is greater than the function, the function of the study is supreme, the diffuse reflection of the warmth of the bedroom, the bright and spacious restaurant is dominant, and the bathroom sees the truth in the details." Concise, simple and practical, won everyone's applause





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