Aksu provident fund can pay property fees and deco

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Lu Shuyang

after Aksu District raised the housing provident fund loan limit, the provident fund can also be used to pay property fees and decoration fees in the future

on November 6, it was learned from the regional housing provident fund management center that in order to give full play to the role of the housing provident fund system and revitalize the remaining funds, according to the autonomous region's "notice on further expanding the support of housing provident fund for housing consumption", the region relaxed the extraction conditions of housing provident fund. For employees who normally deposit housing provident fund, if there is no overdue loan or employees have no housing provident fund loan or the loan has been settled, The housing accumulation fund can be withdrawn to pay the property fee and housing decoration fee

according to the requirements of the regional housing provident fund management committee, if the employees who normally deposit withdraw the provident fund to pay the property fee, the standard of withdrawing 100 yuan per person per month can be implemented. It can be handled once a year, and the maximum withdrawal time is 12 months; If an employee withdraws the provident fund for house decoration, it can only be withdrawn once in the name of decoration, and the house decoration must be household based. The single or husband and wife can only withdraw 80000 yuan at most. When the single or husband and wife withdraw, if the balance of the provident fund is less than 80000 yuan, it can be withdrawn in advance, but it cannot be withdrawn again after withdrawal, or it can be withdrawn when the balance is enough to 80000 yuan

for those who meet the conditions, employees are required to provide the original and copy of their ID card when withdrawing the provident fund. For example, if withdrawing it for house decoration, they are also required to provide the house ownership certificate or the original and copy of the commercial housing sales contract or the fund-raising housing purchase agreement filed by the real estate department

at the same time, in order to facilitate retirees to withdraw the provident fund, those who have reached the legal retirement age only need to provide their ID cards, and the original retirement certification materials are cancelled

according to the statistics of the regional housing provident fund management center, from January to October, the whole region withdrew 873million yuan of housing provident fund, an increase of 12.79% over the same period last year. 2432 employees actually enjoyed the benefits brought by the adjustment of housing provident fund policy. It is reported that by the end of October 2015, 138000 housing provident fund accounts had been opened in the whole region, with a total accumulated housing provident fund of 8.566 billion yuan and a balance of 3.967 billion yuan




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