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Now people are increasingly pursuing high-end taste, and the same is true for decoration. Good decoration styles have their own advantages. Some people like European decoration styles. At present, the most popular is the French light luxury decoration style, which is favored by many young people. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you what is French light luxury decoration style? What are the aspects of light luxury style

what is French light luxury decoration style

in the hearts of many young people, there is a Paris dream, so I associate it with the picture in Jay Chou's "confession balloon", the romance of the Champs Elysees and the beauty of the Seine River, intertwined into a romantic dream. This is the romantic French style. Applying this style to the decoration style of the house, in a sense, will make your home decoration style introverted and flashy, and feel the most romantic living environment, which is very suitable for newlyweds

expression form of light luxury style

1. From the perspective of overall design, many senior designers abandon the complex and luxurious decoration and sweet color highlighted by the traditional French style, and choose elegant and low-key design to create a modern sense of light luxury. It mainly highlights the symmetrical layout, combined with geometric lines and light space colors, to create a French light luxury space style

2. In the application of color system, most of the colors are light colors as the main color, and slightly decorated with bright colors. From the visual point of view, light color is a more comfortable and soft tone compared with dark color. With a little light color embellishment, the whole space will not only have a sense of harmony and unity, but also highlight the sense of visual hierarchy, adding a lot of vitality and temperature to the space

3. In terms of shape selection, the usual French light luxury style will add curves. This is a design that can be seen everywhere in French elements, and it also combines the shape of geometric framework and square rectangle, so that the whole design becomes rigid and soft, just right. For example, the rectangular frame decoration of sofa, tea table, TV cabinet and round chandelier are perfectly matched

4. In terms of soft clothing collocation, simplicity is generally used to highlight taste, and more flexible accessories are selected to create a light luxury French romance, which enhances the artistic sense of space while strengthening the theme style. Then put some delicate flowers, inadvertently making the whole space more cordial and vivid, and the details fully show the designer's ingenuity and beauty

Xiaobian conclusion: above, what is the French light luxury decoration style? This is the content of the expression form of light luxury style. Light luxury is an elegant attitude, which reflects a low-key, comfortable and elegant life. The home decoration made in this style is unforgettable and also an attitude towards life




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