Why can't I withdraw the housing accumulation fund

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Ma Keke is from Leshan City. At present, he works in a food processing factory in Leshan City, and his wife is the attending physician in a second-class hospital in Leshan City. In 2011, Ma Keke and his wife bought a house in the center of Leshan. At that time, I bought the house with my lover's provident fund loan. Now, cocoa Ma wants to withdraw his provident fund for house decoration. Want to consult: why can't you withdraw the housing provident fund for housing decoration

in view of this problem of cocoa Ma, the editor of the loan network will introduce it. Because according to the introduction and formulation of the provident fund system in China, it can be seen that the housing provident fund system takes mutual assistance and security as the starting point, and takes accelerating the solution of the basic housing problems of urban workers as the main purpose. It is emphasized that the withdrawal of housing provident fund is mainly used for the expenditure of basic housing consumption such as the purchase and construction of housing, while decoration as enjoyment expenditure is not included

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