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Southeast Asian luxury style is a home design method that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste. It is more suitable to like tranquility and elegance

01, modern minimalism

modern minimalism, which originated from western modern minimalism in the early 20th century. As the name suggests, it is to make all the details look very concise. The extremely simple decoration makes the space look very simple and magnificent. Design is usually very implicit, which can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and using simplicity to win complexity. Furniture design is not necessarily less, but just in the details

02, new Chinese style

new Chinese style is based on the traditional Chinese style, using modern simple Chinese elements to show the stability and generosity of traditional culture, breaking the traditional Chinese dull. The design is mainly dark, paying attention to the sense of hierarchy and jumping of space, calm and generous, not luxurious and tasteful. The charm of Chinese traditional culture is precipitated in furniture design and even in every corner of the home

03, simple European style

simple European style is also called European simple style. It follows the classical European style and integrates modern elements at the same time. It uses simple lines instead of complex patterns, uses more lively Ivory as the main color, and selects a combination of customized furniture with a strong sense of modernity, which not only retains the elegance of classical European style, but also adapts to the comfort of modern design. In terms of design, it is emphasized to achieve the elegant decorative effect with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes, which gives people the feeling of not only luxury and atmosphere, but also comfort and romance

04, Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style is derived from Latin " Mediterranean", Originally meant as the center of the earth, since ancient times, the Mediterranean is not only an important trade center, but also the cradle of the ancient civilizations of western Greece, Rome, Persia and Christianity. The soul of Mediterranean style, the more consistent view is " The romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty of the sea and sky, and the sunny nature ". Design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them

05, pastoral style

pastoral style includes Chinese style pastoral style, American style pastoral style, Korean style pastoral style, etc. What is popular in China is Chinese style pastoral style, which pays attention to the level of decoration space, furniture furnishings pay attention to symmetry, attaches importance to cultural connotation, and the tone is golden yellow with a bumper harvest. Soft clothes are mostly made of fragmentary fabric sofas, curtains, and fragmentary bedding to create a sense of leisure and comfort in the space

06, American style

American home style is mainly rooted in European culture. What we call "e; American style "e; Household, generally refers to federal style. Federal furniture is similar to neoclassical furniture, which was popular in Europe after 1760. Fashionable and atmospheric, pay attention to practicality and details, wash and refine the thin strips, and look gentle and soft with clear lines. The color mainly adopts the combination of mild camel color and refreshing white, making the space like a fresh and quiet gardenia, elegant and refined

07, neoclassical style

neoclassical style, as an independent school name, first appeared in the architectural decoration design circle in Europe in the middle of the 18th century. Its essence comes from classicism, but it is not antique, let alone retro, but the pursuit of divine similarity. Neoclassical design stresses style, and pursues the general outline characteristics of traditional styles with simplified techniques, modern materials and processing technology; Pay attention to the decorative effect, and use indoor furnishings to enhance the characteristics of historical context

08, American rural style

American rural style abandons cumbersome and luxurious, integrates the excellent elements of different styles, takes comfort as the guide, and emphasizes " Return to nature "e;, Make this style more relaxed and comfortable. It highlights the comfort and freedom of life. Whether it's heavy furniture or accessories with the vicissitudes of time, it tells people this. Especially in the choice of wall colors, natural, nostalgic and rich earthy colors are typical characteristics of American rural style

09, French style

for hundreds of years, the enduring wine culture, self-sufficient, self-produced and self sold French modern farms in the post agricultural era have a far-reaching impact on French pastoral style. French style architecture stresses embellishment in nature, does not care about the size of the floor area, pursues color and internal connection, and makes people feel that there is a lot of activity space. However, sometimes there is a deliberate conflict between the building and the surrounding environment. Therefore, French architecture often does not seek simple coordination, but advocates the beauty of conflict. The design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving people a strong breath

10. Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asian luxury style is a home design method that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste. It is more suitable to like tranquility and elegance





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