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March 18 China Plastics information PP market brief

as of 10:00 a.m. on March 18, China Plastics price index reported 1031.53 points, up 4.01 points. The China Plastics spot index rose 0.38 points to 1124.92

I. upstream express:

nymex April 17 light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract closed up $1.23 to $82.93 a barrel, the highest level since it closed at $83.18 a barrel on January 6. Ice 17 May Brent crude oil futures closed up $1.43 to $81.96 a barrel

Europe propylene FD reported euro/ton in northwest Europe, unchanged from the previous trading day. Far east propylene FOB Korea reported USD/ton, down $5 compared with the previous trading day

II. Warehouse receipt dynamics:

at 10:30 today, the China Plastics PP warehouse receipt index closed at 1131.95 points, up 9.535 points. PP main warehouse receipts were opened at a price of RMB 100 higher than 10680. After the opening, the market has been in shock consolidation, with a small range. If there are other questions about pp1004, the latest price is 10687 yuan/ton, up 107 yuan/ton, and the price range is yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

some brands of PP in China Plastics spot mall have been adjusted, and the range is between yuan/ton. Yangzi Petrochemical K8003 reported 11330 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; Shanghai Petrochemical m800e reported 12300 yuan/ton, up 450 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical T30S reported 10550 yuan/ton, up 250 yuan

the offer in Chengdu is chaotic. Today, the merchants tentatively report high prices, and the low-end price rises slightly. At present, the mainstream drawing quotation adopts the H ü bers metering and mixing device at 1050 yuan/ton, and the low-end price disappears. At present, the merchants' mentality is still unstable, and the market transaction situation is still not ideal

today, the price of PP in Tianjin is significantly higher, with a range of 100 yuan/ton, the mainstream price in the market is yuan/ton, the price of Dushanzi S1003 is 10500 yuan/ton, the price of Dushanzi 8003 is 10950 yuan/ton, and Qilu EPS30R has no price. The market terminal demand has not changed significantly

the PP market in Beijing rose steadily in early trading, and the offer of various products rose by about yuan/ton. Driven by the rebound of the market, the low-end price of the market disappeared. Some businesses tried to overstate the price, and the wire drawing price reached more than 10500 yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiamen followed up slightly, but the increase was not obvious. At present, the main objects of shipment are intermediate traders, and the capacity of downstream factories is limited. Today, the mainstream price of wire drawing is yuan/ton. The quotation of Daqing T30S is 10650 yuan/ton, and the market atmosphere is low

IV. manufacturer dynamics:

the first-line production f400h of 100000 tons of PP plant of Guangzhou Petrochemical; The 60000 ton second-line cjs700 is expected to be produced around the 24th. The listing price of the manufacturer is stable. At present, the inventory is normal and low. There is no sales pressure in the short term

Zhanjiang Dongxing 140000 T/a PP plant is converted to v30g. The listed price of the manufacturer is stable and the inventory is normal

Liaoyang Petrochemical PP plant produces 70318 fiber materials. Today, the listed price of the enterprise is stable: the drawing price is 10850 yuan/ton, 71735 price is 11100 yuan/ton, 70126 price is 11100 yuan/ton, 70318 price is 11100 yuan/ton. At present, the manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the delivery is normal

Fushun Petrochemical PP plant produces fiber materials, and it is expected to switch to film materials again around the 24th of this month. The enterprise price is stable today: the price of wire drawing is 10850 yuan/ton, the price of film material is 10900 yuan/ton, and the price of hy525 is 11100 yuan/ton. At present, the inventory is normal and the sales are average

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