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China Southeast Asia Business Council, the largest national association promoting business between China and Southeast Asia, has several offices in Southeast Asia, with the commercial offices of Southeast Asian embassies in China, with the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, the Singapore Federation of industry, the Malaysian Chinese General chamber of Commerce, the Malaysian China Friendship chamber of Commerce The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Thailand, the Thailand China Association for trade cooperation, the Philippine Chinese Business Federation, the Vietnam Federation of industry and commerce, and the Lao chamber of Commerce and industry have established good relations and carried out relevant business cooperation. The main businesses of the fair are as follows: 1. Bridging the development center line for economic and trade cooperation and trade exchanges between enterprises in China and Southeast Asian countries; 2. Provide Chinese enterprises (Southeast Asian enterprises) with Southeast Asian countries (China) business consulting, including market consulting, investment environment, factory setting and company consulting and intermediary services, and provide Southeast Asian business information; 3. Organize and hold multilateral or bilateral economic and trade cooperation seminars and conferences; 4. Organize or assist in organizing delegations to visit southeast Asian countries

the China Association for the promotion of Asia Pacific Economic and trade cooperation, a national institution directly under the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, Honorary Chairman Wu Yi, state councilor, and vice minister of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation longyongtu issued instructions to serve as the main leaders of the association. The main businesses of the conference are as follows: 1. Cooperate with Chinese government departments to actively carry out the work of the Asia Pacific Economic and Trade Organization; 2. Participate in the activities and meetings of regional groups as authorized by the government; 3. Organize entrepreneurs to discuss cooperation projects and promote entrepreneurs to participate in multilateral economic and trade cooperation; 4. Provide market research and consulting services for promoting trade expansion, technology transfer, capital introduction and export; 5. To provide services for holding exhibitions and sales activities in the fields of economy and trade

China Association for international cooperation in small and medium-sized enterprises, a national organization directly under the State Economic and Trade Commission, is mainly engaged in: 1. Developing contacts and friendly exchanges with relevant foreign organizations, companies and enterprises, establishing cooperative relations, and promoting various forms of economic and technological cooperation among small and medium-sized enterprises; 2. Providing information, consultation and other services to Chinese and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, companies and relevant economic organizations; 3. Investigate and understand the relevant situations and problems in the foreign cooperation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and reflect their opinions and requirements to the relevant government departments; 4. Hold various forms of international exhibitions and negotiation activities, develop international cooperation and exchange channels, and promote the establishment of cooperation projects

China Association for international cooperation in science and technology, China's most authoritative organization for foreign science and technology cooperation, was jointly initiated and established by the national science and Technology Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Association for science and technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The main tasks of the conference are: 1. To organize international scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges and establish stable cooperation and exchange relations with foreign counterparts; 2. Provide consulting services to relevant organizations and individuals at home and abroad on international scientific and technological cooperation, technology trade activities and the establishment of cooperation channels; 3. Promote international economic and technological cooperation among Chinese enterprises, and provide consulting services for the technology, management and investment of foreign-related projects; 4. Organize international scientific and technological academic conferences, exhibitions and overseas visits

China Association for the promotion of international friendship, a national community organization that has long carried out international friendship and overseas friendship activities, was established in Beijing in april1985. Through friendly exchanges, economic and technical cooperation and consultation, talent training and other activities, the association has established close cooperative relations with friendly organizations in various countries and regions and overseas compatriots to enhance mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation. Over the past decade, the association has held many Sino foreign economic and trade seminars and fairs with friendly groups from more than 40 countries and regions, and has established local friendship promotion associations with Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other provinces, cities and autonomous regions to cooperate with each other and jointly promote foreign development

China Association for the promotion of international science and peace, a national social organization established in response to the call of the United Nations on the basis of the six consecutive "international science and peace weeks" in China. Party and state leaders Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Li Ruihuan, etc. wrote inscriptions for the "international science and peace week". Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Wei Jianxing, Li Lanqing, etc. attended the activities related to the "international science and peace week". Ambassadors from more than 120 countries and representatives of 13 UN agencies in China signed inscriptions for the "international science and peace week" and participated in the activities, The three UN secretaries general successively sent congratulatory letters for the "international science and peace week". With the purpose of "science, peace and development", the association has carried out a lot of work in communicating economic and trade cooperation between enterprises at home and abroad

"China trade news" is an economic and trade newspaper published at home and abroad and sponsored by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the China International Chamber of Commerce. As the common media of the national economic and trade business community, it serves as a bridge and link connecting the two markets at home and abroad. It has different concerns, promotes the exchange of industry experience and improves the service level of the chamber of Commerce. Relying on the network advantages of CCPIT and China International Chamber of Commerce at home and abroad, it provides enterprises with practical information, policy guidance, investment attraction, legal consultation and other services

China Association for the promotion of regional development is a national social organization engaged in the comprehensive development of regional economy, science and technology and society with the purpose of promoting regional production and social development. Facing the regional economy, agricultural modernization, characteristic economy and small and medium-sized enterprises, the conference carried out the activities of "industrial base with Chinese characteristics" and "home of small and medium-sized enterprises", as well as various activities such as talent training project, science and technology project promotion and investment attraction. The association has extensive contacts and cooperation with many units at home and abroad, complementing each other's advantages. It has provided various consulting services and cooperation to the old, young, border and poor areas, central and western regions, open special zones, coastal areas, and many provinces, prefectures, cities and counties, towns and townships. It has received strong support and help from governments at all levels and relevant units, and has been highly praised

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