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As of 10:00 a.m. on January 7, 2010, China's plastic price index was at 1085.5 points, up 4.19 points. The China Plastics spot index rose 0.88 points to 1145.62

I. upstream express:

on Wednesday (January 6), the settlement price of West Texas light oil futures in February on the New York commodity futures exchange was $83.18 per barrel, up $1.41 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 80 US $52; The February futures settlement price of Brent crude oil on the London Intercontinental Exchange was US $81.89 per barrel, up US $1.30 from the previous trading day. The trading range was 79 $21

Europe propylene FD was reported in euro/ton in northwest Europe, up 40 Euro/ton compared with the previous trading day. Far east propylene FOB Korea reported USD/ton, up 35 USD/ton compared with the previous trading day. The utilization experiment of fly ash in plastics

II. Warehouse receipt dynamics:

at 10:30 today, the China Plastics PP warehouse receipt index closed at 1185.11 points, up 4.96 points. After the opening of PP main warehouse receipts, the index rose sharply. After a small consolidation, it rose in shock, reaching the highest point of 1189.69. Later, the index fell back and the market fell. The latest price of pp1003 was 10990 yuan/ton, down 12 yuan/ton, and the price range was yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the listing price of some brands of PP in China Plastics spot mall has been adjusted. Pp/bx3800/South Korea SK reported 12200 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton; Pp/f401/Yangzi Petrochemical reported 11800 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton; Pp/h4540/Korean Hyundai news 12050 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; Pp/m1600/both need to pay attention to moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof and waterproof issues. Hyundai reported 12100 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton; Pp/t30s/Zhenhai Refining & Chemical reported 11350 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan/ton

in the morning of Tianjin PP market, the market inquiry atmosphere was acceptable and the transaction was rare. Due to the recent rising market prices, the resistance of the downstream has also reached white hot, and the intention to receive goods is extremely weak. At present, the mentality of the merchants as a whole remains stable, and the mentality of some merchants has changed slightly, indicating that the firm offer is negotiable, and actively seeking for a deal

after the recent continuous rise in Shunde PP market, today the market is slightly calm, the prices of merchants are stable, and the prices of some brands are slightly callback. In the morning, the market inquiry atmosphere was acceptable and the transaction was average

the merchants in the PP market around Dalian have a stable mentality and are mainly active in shipping. At present, the supply of goods in the market is OK, the downstream inquiry is general, and the market transaction is general

the PP market in Yuyao is mainly stable. International crude oil rose above US $83, supporting the market mentality. The market atmosphere in the morning was ok, but there were not many transactions. There are few market resources and few low-cost goods

IV. manufacturer dynamics:

Jiujiang Petrochemical PP plant today produces T36F. Today's pricing sales: the drawing T30S also guarantees the customer's operation experiment at 850 yuan/ton in October, and the film material T36F is at 10850 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is average, and the sales situation is OK

T30S produced by Dalian Xitai PP plant. The latest sales price has been increased by 200 yuan/ton: T30S is 10850 yuan/ton, z30s/t36f is 10900 yuan/ton, and the prices of key customers are preferential. The manufacturer's inventory is normal, and the sales situation is average

the PP unit of Zhongyuan Petrochemical produces wire drawing. The pricing is stable today: T30S is at 11000 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's granular material inventory is not large, and the sales are average

Zhenhai Refining and chemical PP plant produces wire drawing. The pricing is stable today: the drawing T30S is at 10850 yuan/ton, and the film material f280z is at 10850 yuan/ton. The manufacturer doesn't have much inventory and sales are normal

the polypropylene 100000 t/a old unit of Yan'an refinery is in shutdown (propylene is insufficient), and the new unit of 200000 t/a produces T30S. The manufacturer's inventory is average. Today, the reserve price of the Western trading center is 10600 yuan/ton

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