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Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the functional characteristics of the touch screen. Taking the tire curing press as an example, it briefly introduces the production idea of the touch screen picture and the method of linkage with PLC

key words: touch screen, tire curing press, PLC, picture

1 preface

the new chapters of the 21st century have been opened, and the pace of WTO has come quietly. How can the professional manufacturer of tire shaping machinery in China face the challenge of the foreign counterparts who plan to invest 300million yuan in the fund? How can the well-known products in China's rubber machinery industry seize the opportunity to enter the world's advanced ranks? This is a problem that every Chinese rubber machine worker must face. Our only way out is to constantly update our concepts, absorb world advanced technology, and boldly adopt high-tech products. As a high-tech product, touch screen is widely used in tire curing press, which has become an imperative problem, especially as the paving stone of computer connection in the future. Since 1996, our factory has successively quoted the touch screens of world-famous brands such as A-B in the United States, Siemens in Germany, digital in Japan, Omron, Mitsubishi and so on to serve customers at home and abroad. Its superior performance is welcomed by the majority of users

2 introduction to touch screen

touch screen is the abbreviation of touch industrial graphic display. It is a man-machine interface (called HMI in foreign countries) connecting human beings and machines (mainly PLC), which is called the face of PLC. It is an intelligent operation display that replaces the traditional control panel and keyboard. It can be used for parameter setting and data display. Describe the automatic control process in the form of curves, animations, etc., and simplify the PLC control program

the main function of touch screen is: monitoring and control

monitoring - reflect the internal bit status and memory value of PLC in various forms such as data, curves, graphics, animation, etc., so as to intuitively reflect the process and trend of industrial control system

control - you can change the internal bit status and memory value of PLC through touch screen operation, so as to participate in process control

taking the 1310ii radial tire vulcanizer produced by our factory for Jiangsu Hantai tire company as an example, this paper briefly introduces the application of touch screen

3 basic system configuration

cpu Mitsubishi a2ascpu; Touch screen digital-gp470e; Connecting cable gp430-ip10-o (digital); See Figure 1 for the system configuration diagram of dual port adapter gp030-md11-o (digital)

Figure 1 system configuration diagram

4 improper use of materials external connection

since the touch screen and PLC are in different locations during field installation, the connecting cable gp430-ip-o we selected is 10 meters (the length can be customized). Usually, the CPU module of PLC has only one programming communication port, and the PLC and touch screen must be connected with a cable when they work normally, which is very inconvenient for PLC program transmission and debugging. Therefore, we chose a dual port adapter to connect the cable to one port of the dual port adapter, and the other port is used for programming

5 pictures

each brand of touch screen has its own picture making software. In this example, the corresponding picture making software of digital-gp70 series touch screen is gp-pro/pbiii under Win95 (recently (1) comparing the shrinkage deformation and destruction of low carbon steel and cast iron has been launched in Chinese version)

5.1 picture introduction

turn on the working power supply, and the touch screen automatically displays the main picture (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 vulcanization main picture


· the production date of the day is displayed in the upper left corner. The current system clock of the touch screen is displayed in the upper right corner

· the machine number is the number of the vulcanizer. The operator can input his own job number or code

· the displayed process number and vulcanization specification are selected by the "interface" menu

· the total vulcanization time is displayed in the countdown mode, and the sulfur delay time is not counted at this time. When the delayed vulcanization button is pressed, the system displays the delayed vulcanization time in a countdown manner according to the ongoing vulcanization process. At this time, the total vulcanization time stops and keeps counting, and the timing continues until the delayed vulcanization time is zero. The sulfur delay time is set by the operator through the "plus" and "minus" buttons according to each vulcanization state

· step number shows the vulcanization step in progress. Step time displays the step time in countdown mode. There is a row of indicator lights above the "position feedback" to display the vulcanization valve status corresponding to the step number

· the left and right capsule counts show their respective use times, but the automaker is not satisfied with this number. After changing the capsule, press the "reset" key to reset the last count

· internal pressure, internal temperature, external pressure and external temperature respectively display the measured parameters of the corresponding PLC analog module

· the position feedback displays the mold opening in the form of a bar graph, the number on the right is the current value of the rotary encoder, and the lower row of indicator lights are divided into several sections by the PLC. When the rotary encoder output is in this section, the corresponding indicator light is on

· a row of effective touch keys are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Selecting and gently pressing any touch key will enter the corresponding screen menu

5.2 screen switching

when the "password" key of the main screen is pressed, the touch screen screen screen will be refreshed to the screen shown in Figure 3

note: in order to ensure the normal operation of the vulcanizer, especially to ensure that some process parameters and formulas cannot be modified at will. Therefore, when making this picture, you must have the correct password before entering other operations. If the password is incorrect, return to the main screen

after the password is correct, the password can be reset through the middle row number keys. Press the "exit" key to return to the main screen, and press the "" key to enter the "interface" shown in Figure 4

for some complex or confidential processes, multi-level passwords can be made according to this picture

Figure 4


· first enter the process number (), then set the vulcanization specification and step-by-step time according to different processes, then enter the total number of steps, and press the "OK" key to automatically accumulate the "total vulcanization time"

· press "valve setting", the screen will refresh, as shown in Figure 5. Set the corresponding valve action for each step according to the process requirements, press "return" key to return to the "interface" after inspection, enter the operator code, and press "OK" key

· press "next" to set up multiple vulcanization processes in turn

· press "process selection", input the process number to be vulcanized, press "OK", and use the "return" key to return to the main screen

Figure 5


· according to the corresponding step sequence of each process, gently press the corresponding valve button, and then press the "OK" key after checking that there is no error (if there is an error, reset it with the "clear" key)

· press the "next" key to set the next valve action with the above method

· if the picture space allows, figure 4 and figure 5 can be combined into a picture

5.3 other different picture descriptions

(1) PLC monitoring: use the input/output address of PLC to monitor its state with an indicator light. If the state is "on", the indicator light will be on

(2) operation information: briefly introduce the operation steps and methods of the vulcanizer

(3) alarm display: monitor the alarm parameters of the vulcanizer (such as pressure, temperature, lack of lubricating oil, etc.) with a flash lamp

(4) output display: display the vulcanization output of the vulcanizer

6 transmission picture

use the special transmission cable (also known as softdog) of digital company for the produced picture, set the brand and model of PLC in gp-pro/pbiii software, and then set the model of touch screen. Click the transmission command to upload the screen to the touch screen

7 operation

in the linkage operation with PLC, all displayed contents (including touch keys, indicator lights, timers, counters, etc.) should be completely consistent with the parameters of PLC. Connect the touch screen and PLC with communication cable (Note: gp430-ip10-o has connection direction) to operate

8 conclusion

with the continuous updating of tire technology and formula, it is required that the automatic control technology of vulcanizer should also be continuously innovated and improved. Therefore, I would like to cast a brick and attract jade. I hope that the majority of peers will not be stingy to give advice and make concerted efforts to catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level of China's tire industry as soon as possible. (end)

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