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A major breakthrough in plexiglass products is like the miracle of "abyss horizon table"

in the beautiful blue sea. Many people have slowly begun to believe that there are miracles, because all kinds of impossibilities have become possible with human efforts. Now, miracles are constantly happening. The glass industry is no exception. Another miracle of plexiglass products, "abyss horizon table" was born! This is undoubtedly another major breakthrough in plexiglass products! Seeing here, I believe many people can't wait to know what this miracle is like. Next, please join us to learn about this plexiglass product "abyss horizon table"

Great Wall Motors is willing to take advantage of this platform

and even more updated media. This coffee table named "abyss horizon" is the latest work completed by Duffy London, a British furniture design company. The designer uses wood and plexiglass to stack layers to create a three-dimensional blue sea and abyss beauty, which is breathtaking

▲ abyss table

the design team had previously designed a square coffee table called "abyss". They tried to design a table that could simulate the appearance of the real seabed. Later, they spent a whole year studying the combination of different materials, and finally decided to use wood, plexiglass and some environmental protection materials as the main materials

as a member of the "ocean inspiration" series, abyss horizon table also shows the blue and deep beauty of the ocean abyss, but it emphasizes that through the three-dimensional ocean profile effect, it shows people a mysterious underwater world with one rising and one falling and overlapping trenches. Such a wonderful scene may have been seen only when Moses and others crossed the Red Sea more than 3000 years ago. He Minghui establishes Shangyu Wansheng plastic factory

incidentally, abyss horizon table is handmade by craftsmen in London, and only 25 tables are produced in the world, which is very rare

after reading these, I believe everyone is deeply fascinated by this plexiglass product "abyss horizon table". Every miracle is a great breakthrough for us. Are you looking forward to the next miracle as much as you

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