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Application of Taian SV300 frequency converter in wool grinder

I The technological requirements of the wool grinder

the wool grinder improves the sliding performance of the force measuring piston up and down. It is a kind of textile machinery. Its function is to grind the dyed fabric and improve its added value. It is an important process in the printing and dyeing process. The traditional drive mode is driven by DC motor. The porcelain plate resistance linked with the lifting rod is used for feedback, and the excitation current of DC motor is adjusted to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and synchronization. However, in the printing and dyeing industry, the equipment works in the alkaline and humid air environment for a long time, and the DC motor structure has a high failure rate and a large amount of maintenance in the application process, sometimes seriously affecting the production. With the extensive use of variable frequency governor in this industry, its high precision, high reliability, simple peripheral system structure and other characteristics of synchronous speed regulation have gradually been recognized and accepted by people without dust and debris

II Control difficulties

the frequency converter control system has high running speed, stable tension requirements, good follow-up of motor speed, and synchronization between motors

III Scheme description

the following is the frequency converter control scheme we provide for the wool grinder in a machinery factory

1. the sanding machine is divided into two parts: sanding and traction. The control of the sanding area is relatively simple. According to the needs of customers, we set the speed of the touch screen, PLC drives the frequency converter through RS485 communication to adjust the motor speed, and can choose forward rotation and reverse rotation at will

2. We will explain the tension part of synchronous control in detail below The whole traction mechanism is composed of four motors. In order to make our frequency converter control the tension more accurately, what the traction roller 2 and traction UBC team do is to first use liquid nitrogen to cool the plastic lead roller 3. A tension roller is installed in front of the plastic lead roller 3. The tension of the cloth is detected by the tension sensor through the tightness of the cloth, and the a/d value output by the tension transmitter is sent to the a/d module of PLC. Through PID calculation, the set data is sent, The frequency of avant-garde products designed by moskona of the frequency converter is given through RS485 communication. In this way, the frequency converter operates smoothly, replenishes quickly within the range of phase difference, and maintains constant speed and tension

3. In terms of the adjustment of the overall speed, we set the starting speed and gradually accelerate the control button, which can be adjusted through the touch screen

IV Conclusion the successful application of Tai'an series products in the hair grinder has improved the control performance of the hair grinder and achieved the control of constant tension and constant speed. From the beginning of commissioning to the present half a year, both the operation of the frequency converter and the control function of the system have been very stable

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