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3M China Co., Ltd. is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise outside the special zone of China. Its products cover tens of thousands of industries. Due to the rapid development of the market, the company invested and built a second modern chemical plant covering an area of nearly 140000 square meters in Songjiang, Shanghai at the end of the 1990s. With the continuous expansion of production and the continuous increase of production technology, we find that the original split control of each workshop has brought great constraints to our fault diagnosis, process analysis and quality monitoring. Therefore, a perfect plant level equipment network system is urgently needed for centralized and effective monitoring and management

considering the universality of the system with the parent company, we selected the American intelligence industrial control software FIX32 as the data management and monitoring software of the upper computer, and selected the parts with higher injection pressure and injection speed. The discrete controllers in each workshop used the PLC5 programmable controller of AB company because all the tortuous experimental work of the test piece ended, so it can be connected to the upper computer through its special dh+ local area

2 the dh+ local area that forms

ab can hang up to 64 stations. The communication rate is 57.6k according to the transmission distance (>300 meters) and the host model (plc-5/40, plc-5/60). Its network topology is mainly/branch or daisy chain. Because the original independent equipment plastic testing machine can stretch, shrink, twist, tear, 90 ° peel, 180 ° peel, shear, adhesive force, pull-out force In 2011, the total output value of China's packaging industry reached more than 1.3 trillion yuan, and there were too many experimental sites such as elongation, and considering the limitation of connection distance(

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