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Application of time servo system in cigarette packaging machinery

1. Project introduction

this project provides our company with a control system for the cigarette packaging machinery of a company in Tianjin. This type of cigarette packaging solves a problem that seriously hinders the recycling of plastic. The machine is used for the new type of packaging of cigarette hard box packets. It breaks the traditional flip type and adopts the extraction method to make the smoke offering more civilized. The standard cigarettes are arranged in two rows, with ten cigarettes in each row. The specification and quantity of cigarettes can be changed arbitrarily according to user requirements, such as five, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, etc. The unit adopts PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface graphic display, which is convenient for fault analysis and maintenance

Figure 1. The purpose of the project is to realize the linkage of two cigarette box packaging machines and carry out the packaging production of special-shaped cigarette boxes, so that the packaging speed can be increased from 120 packages/min of the original single equipment to 150 packages/min after linkage

2. Solution

operate through the text prompt displayed by the HMI in the human-computer interface. Make full use of the simple PLC integrated in the servo controller to realize the coordinated linkage between the conveyor belt and the propulsion mechanism; Under the inching control mode, the conveyor belt and the propulsion mechanism can carry out inching control respectively; In the linkage control mode, the conveyor belt and the propulsion mechanism need to find the starting position of the linkage respectively; After finding the starting position, No. 5. The load system 1 of the rubber electronic universal testing machine must check that the slave sends the arrival signal to the host; After receiving the arrival signal from the slave, the host starts to complete the high-speed or low-speed synchronous linkage action according to the user's instructions; In the process of synchronous linkage control movement, the user can send a stop signal to terminate the synchronous linkage control; After the stop signal is released, the synchronous linkage control action can continue. The encoder installed on the motor can provide feedback information for the AC servo control system

software plays a very important role in realizing various functions of the system. It also includes many button positions. The software part of servo control system is divided into driving machine application program and driven machine application program

(1) hardware configuration

(2) software programming

3. Summary

the above solutions realize the coordination of the cooperative action of each working part of cigarette packaging machinery and the control performance it should have. Using the servo controller of time Technology Co., Ltd. to share the control task of PLC and replace the imported servo execution unit, the effect of technological innovation is achieved while reducing the cost

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