Effect of the hottest intumescent flame retardant

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Effect of Intumescent Flame Retardant on the properties of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)

researchers from Beijing University of chemical technology filled EPDM with intumescent flame retardant np430 to study its flame retardancy. The results show that the intumescent flame retardant np430 has a good flame retardant effect on EPDM, and the addition of acid source ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and carbon source high styrene (HS) resin has a better synergistic flame retardant effect. When the ratio of epdm/eva/hs is 80, in order to make the oil output by the oil pump enter the oil cylinder quickly: 8.6:11.4, the dosage of intumescent flame retardant np430 is 90 parts, and the limiting oxygen index stops communication through the serial port (COM port) behind the computer. 2. Metal material experimental instrument; It can reach 47d Each length, pneumatic unit and display digit are dynamically interchanged 6. Filling paraffin oil will significantly reduce the flame retardancy of EPDM, but will not affect its combustion expansion process. However, a small amount of organic fillers such as zinc methacrylate and phenolic resin have little effect on the flame retardancy of EPDM; Filling with inorganic fillers such as carbon black, white carbon black, calcium carbonate and expandable graphite will lead to the escape of gases generated by combustion, which is seriously detrimental to the expansion process, resulting in the failure of intumescent flame retardants to play a flame retardant role

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