Effect of the hottest bipolar electrode on chromiu

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Effect of bisexual electrode on chromium plating of piston rings

is this page a list page or the first page? The software of the situation test system is developed by LabVIEW, including three main functions: real-time display of test data, real-time calculation of time domain eigenvalues and real-time storage of data files The set tacit vibration data collection parameters are as follows: the sampling frequency is 25.6khz, the data length is 204800 points, the data storage interval is 1min, and considering the long duration of the experiment, when the data collection file exceeds 2G, the system will automatically create a new 2.10 test model data file in addition to meeting the technical requirements of this standard In addition, the temperature signal will be stored according to the time interval of saving a group of data every 10min The effective value and temperature value information of each group of vibration data will be displayed in the main interface The following: no suitable body content was found at the same time

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