Effect of the viscosity of the hottest ink on the

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The influence of ink viscosity on the fastness of imprinting

the viscosity of ink refers to the internal resistance of ink to the splitting of ink film. The transmission condition of ink in the printing process is related to the viscosity of ink. Because ink is a fluid substance, it has the property of fluid. The viscosity of ink used in plate printing is not only plastic viscosity, but also structural viscosity

the insufficient adhesion of the ink itself causes the ink film to become thinner and weaker with the film technology. It is best to replace other types of ink printing. Different printing methods and substrates, choose the ink, ink mixing oil, diluent, adhesive remover, gloss oil, desiccant and other auxiliary materials suitable for their printing materials and adaptability, and the amount should not be too large. Improper selection of ink diluent will also cause the ink film to become unstable, When choosing the dilution solvent, we should consider the nature of the ink to avoid the phenomenon of weak adhesion between the ink and the substrate

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