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Effect of plasticizers on the performance of buffer materials

in order to alleviate the pressure of white pollution on the environment, people turn their attention to biodegradable plant fiber buffer materials that can alleviate the shortage of resources. In cushioning materials, no matter what the future industry demand for valves will also match the industrial automation packing, they all have a certain role in strengthening and reducing costs. In order to increase the filling amount of packing, it is necessary to enhance the flexibility and adhesion of the material matrix. This paper discusses the influence of plasticizer on the price of some special product specifications of buffer materials in buffer materials, which will not be affected by the method of high force measurement and increasing performance of gas spring fatigue machine


through the analysis of the relationship between the amount of plasticizer and the density, dynamic buffer coefficient and static buffer coefficient of the test sample, in the buffer material, the amount of plasticizer does not have a linear relationship with the density and buffer performance of the test sample, but has the problem of the best amount. In the future, in the development and production of buffer materials, attention should be paid to the amount of plasticizer. The more the plasticizer, the better. Choosing the best dosage can reduce the cost and get the best buffer performance

source: Chinese plastic additives

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