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Green Olympics: effective recycling of all mineral water bottles after the opening ceremony

at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, every audience was equipped with drinking water, plus staff, media, etc., and there were more than 100000 mineral water bottles on site. After the opening ceremony, except for a few water bottles taken away by the audience, most of them stayed in the stadium

after the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic 2 resistance spot welding games, the remaining 100000 mineral water bottles in the bird's nest will be effectively recycled, which is the first green detail revealed by the Beijing Olympic Games

at 1:30 a.m., the garbage sorting team was still cleaning the site in the bird's nest. In area B of the stadium, Aunt Li, a cleaner, opened two black garbage bags and recycled mineral water bottles one by one. One hour after the opening ceremony, she has recycled more than 100 water bottles, most of which have no water left. At 2 a.m., Aunt Li searched the auditorium and went to the outside of the media work area. She placed some spectators in mineral water bottles on the venue facilities and put them into garbage bags one by one

Aunt Li said that there were more than 100 cleaners like herself in the whole stadium. Mainly recycling mineral water bottles, because these are made of plastic. In the media work area, many volunteers also took the initiative to collect the remaining mineral water bottles on the workbench

there are only a few mineral water bottles left on the seat. The vast majority of water bottles were consciously put into the classified garbage cans by the on-site audience. At 2:30 a.m., according to statistics, many mineral water bottles were loaded into garbage bags and transported out of the stadium. These mineral water bottles will thus require operators to manually switch controllers into the garbage collection system of Olympic venues

BOCOG has signed a contract with relevant departments to carry out 100% green recycling and reuse of plastic bottles after drinking in Beijing venues during the Olympic Games. All the renewable resources generated in the Olympic venues will be recycled through formal channels and enter the utilization of renewable resources

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