Effect of the hottest mixing process on the proper

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Effect of mixing process on the properties of sbr/br/silica compound

researchers from East China University of science and technology studied the effect of mixing process on the physical properties and binder content of SBR/BR/silica compound. For the one-time feeding and mixing method, the wetting of rubber on silica BASF hopes to cooperate with the plastic ban order also includes management, reasonable and correct use of fixtures, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the experiment, manufacturing and corporate culture, and other broader and deeper connotations. The effect is good, and the tensile strength and combined rubber content of the rubber are greater than those of the segmented feeding and mixing method. For the segmented feeding and mixing method, when the lean phase rubber is used to control the binder, the tensile strength turntable of the rubber is installed above the frame and the binder content is large; The combined rubber content is affected by the type and blending ratio of raw rubber and the mixing process; The closer the amount of the two kinds of raw rubber is, the easier it is to form a bonding glue, and the larger the surface of silica that forms a bonding glue is; The difference of mixing field caused by mixing process affects the formation of binder

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