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On July 18, the environmental development center and the environmental certification center of the Ministry of environmental protection issued China's first environmental standard for decoration, the technical standard for environmental signs of building decoration and decoration projects, which not only imposes stricter standards on the release of indoor harmful substances in decoration, but also requires that engineering planning and design, decoration materials Comprehensively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of decoration projects from four aspects: decoration construction and air quality inspection. In order to ensure that the air meets the standard, the decoration reserves pollution advance. While affirming the positive significance of the new decoration standard, Zhang Yongbing also pointed out that there may be some problems in the implementation. At present, the decoration materials used by formal decoration companies in the market are basically in line with national standards, and many test results after the completion of construction will not exceed the standard, but this does not mean that the new houses occupied by the owners must meet the standard. For example, Zhang Yongbing said that the owner chose the semi contracted project of the decoration company, and the gas quality test results reached the standard during the project acceptance, but it was close to the upper limit of the standard. The owner later bought a set of furniture, and the release of harmful substances from the furniture itself was also up to the standard, but the combination of the two caused pollution exceeding the standard. Zhang Yongbing said that in the decoration design, the amount of harmful substances that the house can carry should be calculated in advance, that is, the total amount of harmful substances in the house should be controlled, not just the indicators of a single product. For example, when a house is in luxury decoration, the selection of decoration materials should be more stringent than that of simple decoration, and the use of plates should be limited if possible. In addition, it is also necessary to match the decoration materials in an appropriate proportion. Because the pollution is superimposed, it is also necessary to leave a pollution advance for the furniture purchased in the future

the restrictions are more stringent. Considering the four indicators of decoration, it is reported that the new standard controls the total amount of harmful substances contained in indoor air. The concentration of formaldehyde in indoor decoration should be less than 0.07 mg/m3, the concentration of benzene should be less than 0.08 mg/m3, the concentration of ammonia should be less than 0.18 mg/m3, and the concentration of TVOC should be less than 0.45 mg/m3. In an interview with reporters, Zhang Yongbing, general manager of Nanjing yijiupu Environmental Service Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu physical and chemical testing center, said that the new decoration standard is more stringent than the existing decoration standard. For example, the existing acceptance standard for decoration projects stipulates that formaldehyde is less than 0.08 mg/m3, and the new standard for decoration requires less than 0.07 mg/m3. According to the introduction, a major feature of the new standard for decoration is to adopt the evaluation mode of environmental performance score to evaluate the environmental behavior of building decoration projects from four aspects: project planning and design, decoration materials, decoration construction, etc. these four indicators account for 10%, 60%, 10% and 20% respectively. The new standard of decoration indeed provides new ideas for consumers to understand environmental protection home decoration. Many people will not care about the impact of decoration design on environmental protection. In fact, even if all raw materials are environmental friendly, they can not meet the requirements in decoration design, and may exceed the national decoration standard in a certain local space. After the implementation of the new standards for decoration, decoration companies should strictly implement all steps from project planning and design, selection of decoration materials to decoration construction in accordance with the national standards




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