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A constant temperature Experience Hall has entered Dongguan Wanjiang Red Star Macalline and opened grandly on August 28! President Shimada, a Japanese expert, attended the opening ceremony with Mr. Nanzao, President Liang and all agents to witness this wonderful moment

the settlement in Dongguan Wanjiang this time can bring customers a better glass insulation experience from a close distance. There are insulating glass, laminated glass and nano glass experience boxes in the experience hall. Customers can directly feel the heat insulation effects of different glasses by standing outside the experience box. This experience effect is more intuitive and customers can understand this glass heat insulation coating product more easily. At the same time, the TV in the experience hall plays construction videos and construction cases. Through the successful refresh of service cases, customers can dispel their doubts and trust our products

at the same time, a constant temperature held a new product release, and Japanese experts explained in detail an upgraded version of constant temperature heat insulation paint: wall heat insulation paint and mold resistant paint. This paint not only insulates the wall, but also removes formaldehyde, oxidation resistance, mold resistance, anion purification air and other functions. A constant temperature thermal insulation paint does not move windows, does not tear down walls, and is carefully brushed. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, giving you a healthy and comfortable home

what is glass insulation paint? The glass thermal insulation coating can adjust itself according to the change of ambient temperature to achieve "warm in winter and cool in summer". At the same time, it can greatly reduce the power consumption of air conditioning and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. The glass thermal insulation coating with nanotechnology can save more than 40% of energy consumption, make the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor reach 8 degrees Celsius, block more than 90% of ultraviolet and infrared rays in the air, achieve a transmittance of more than 70%, and have a service life of more than 10 years. It can not only insulate and keep warm, but also reduce the load of air conditioning, saving energy and environmental protection. We are the promoters and communicators of beautiful home and the pioneers of energy conservation and emission reduction. A thermostatic glass thermal insulation coating is an energy-saving and environmental protection product. It is a great cause that benefits the country and the people, benefits mankind, and contributes to the green and sustainable development of the earth




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