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315 for the vast number of decoration companies, it can be said to be the first wave of the spring decoration climax. The major companies try their best to awesome promote and promote, which is not lively. With the upsurge of spring clothing market, the hidden worries in the hearts of consumers have gradually surfaced: in the face of this too professional work, it is really not easy to say love for decoration. Recently, the reporter specially interviewed Wang Guoli, deputy director of Yantai building decoration industry management office and vice president of Yantai Building Decoration Association, and asked experts to give you tips to solve your worries

According to Wang Guoli, the quality and price disputes caused by the owners' selection of decoration teams without construction qualifications are the largest number of complaints accepted by the decoration Association recently. Due to the lack of qualification certification, the construction quality of the road construction team is difficult to guarantee. Moreover, because the road construction team will not sign a standard contract with the owner, its personnel mobility is large, and consumers not only cannot enjoy the quality assurance service, but also are difficult to safeguard their rights in case of disputes. Therefore, it is best to choose qualified formal companies for decoration. Citizens can inquire on the website of Yantai housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau

do not be greedy and leave hidden dangers

destroy the load-bearing structure and shear wall. The destruction of the floor protective layer in the ground heating transformation is another two problems with the most recent complaints. In this regard, Wang Guoli stressed that the safety involved should not be sloppy at all. Before the decoration construction, the construction party must be required to put forward a specific plan, and carefully confirm the rationality of the plan. The materials selected for the laying of floor heating must meet the national standards above the qualified level. At the same time, he also reminded the owners to pay special attention to the selection of materials related to concealed hydropower projects, and never covet cheap, leaving hidden dangers

comprehensively consider avoiding the trap

in view of the problem that the construction was forced to add items or upgrade, which was reflected in the recent home rights hotline of this newspaper, resulting in a significant overspending of decoration costs, Wang Guoli suggested that the owner should first consider comprehensively, ask the designer to explain the drawings in detail, and sign the contract after checking item by item according to the contract content and design drawings. At the same time, we should be vigilant against the trick of some companies to deliberately divide a project into multiple projects in order to lower the single price and attract customers

three ways to help safeguard rights

generally speaking, the contracts signed between formal decoration companies and owners contain provisions on how to resolve disputes. The legitimate rights and interests can be safeguarded by seeking mediation from the decoration Association, applying for arbitration, and litigation. In addition, Wang Guoli suggested that the owners should learn more about decoration, communicate more with designers and go to the construction site for inspection




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