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Shanghai Tianjiao futures contracted on July 14

Shanghai Tianjiao futures maintained a narrow range of shock consolidation on July 14, and its position contracted. The main force can test the 809 contract to open slightly lower within 2T. The futures price has maintained a narrow range of shock consolidation near the opening price for most of the time. The intraday trading was light, closing slightly lower, and the position was reduced compared with the wide range on July 11. TOCOM futures fell slightly

on Monday (July 14), in the natural rubber (27225, -360.00, -1.31%, bar) futures market of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), the main 809 contract opened at 27600 yuan/ton of clean and dry kerosene, with a maximum of 27775 yuan/ton and a minimum of 27370 yuan/ton, and closed at 27510 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price on July 11. The trading volume was 227 and the room should have enough space, 142 hands and 119964 positions

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