The most popular Shanghai workers' disability pens

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From the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of labor and social security, it was learned that the standard of regular disability pension and nursing fee for employees who have completely lost their ability to work due to work-related disability of enterprises in Shanghai has been adjusted recently. The specific standards are:

I. the regular disability pension for class I to class IV employees with work-related disability is adjusted to 1673 yuan, 1586 yuan, 1499 yuan and 1412 yuan per month respectively

II. The nursing (life nursing) expenses of class I to class III workers with work-related disabilities are adjusted to 924 yuan, 739 yuan and 554 yuan per month respectively

III. are you ready for the on-the-job employees of level I to level IV disability caused by work? The social insurance premium paid by the employee shall be withheld and paid by the enterprise from the regular disability pension

specifically, IV. The employees who have completed the accuracy of the impact value to manage the retirement procedures from level 1 to level 4 of work-related disability, who have been researched and developed for many times, receive the pension according to the relevant provisions of the city. If the pension standard is lower than the standard of the regular disability pension for work-related injury workers, the original enterprise shall supplement it to the standard of the regular disability pension

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