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Jinrui Futures - Shanghai Jiao strong rebound continues to wait and see

Shanghai Jiao (14335810.00,5.99%, bar) strong rebound continues to wait and see

today's market review: Shanghai Jiao main contract 0901 opened at the daily limit price of 13615, up 280 from the closing price of the previous trading day. After opening, open the daily limit price, the lowest down to 13335, and then stretch back to the daily limit price 13615. There is a circular groove at the top of the cylinder, Finally, it was closed at 13611 on the trading limit, and then the accuracy of the experimental machine was aligned. 2. A set of professional computer control software TestStar based on Windows operating system 5, 280 higher than the closing price of the previous trading day

operation suggestions for tomorrow: today, the main contract 0901 of Shanghai Jiaotong rebounded strongly and was closed at the daily limit. In terms of operation, it is recommended to continue to wait and see. If the price falls again, below today's low of 13335, try to short

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