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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai fuel oil opened high and went short with strong strength

today, Shanghai fuel oil opened high due to the rebound of the external market. The main 812 contract fell all the way after opening with 4147, and finally closed with 3946. The trading volume reached 292640 hands, and the position volume was 45442 hands. The trading volume and position volume increased significantly. At the same time, the price difference between 811 and 812 contracts is close to 100 yuan to reduce the complexity of the problem

the oil inventory data released by the EIA last night showed that the crude oil inventory in the United States decreased by 6.33 million barrels in the week, significantly exceeding market expectations. In addition, the fall in the high level of the dollar also reacted on oil prices, resulting in a retaliatory rebound in international oil prices

continue to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

spot: in the fuel oil market in South China's Huangpu market, prices continue to fall, dragged down by the decline in the Singapore fuel oil market; Buyers continue to leave the market and pay attention to price stabilization. Traders said that China may increase imports in October, as the sharp decline in import prices led to the improvement in power plant demand; It also added that private refinery demand remained weak, affected by high gasoline and diesel inventories

technically, crude oil has strong support near $90. In the short term, the US dollar range will fluctuate, while the current price difference of fuel oil is huge. If crude oil stabilizes and rebounds, Shanghai fuel oil will have a lot of room to rise. However, the crude oil in the outer disk has not stabilized before it aims to resist fatigue damage, and the market that may still take weakness as the friction and wear testing machine in the near future will flourish

in terms of operation, Shanghai fuel maintains the idea of being empty

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