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Jinrui Futures: crude oil continues to decline, Shanghai fuel oil continues to hold empty orders

under the shadow of rising market concerns about crude oil demand, international oil prices continue to decline a few years ago. However, the market reacted coldly to the news that OPEC has been waiting for too long and that the tensile testing machine may reduce production next month. Technically, crude oil is suppressed by the 5-day moving average, and each moving average has been arranged in a short position. In the short term, crude oil is still difficult to improve, and $80 is facing a test

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today, under the influence of the continued decline in the external market, the main 812 contract fell by the limit at the opening and closed at 3468

when the external market continues to be sluggish, Shanghai fuel is difficult to rise. During the current period, the previous empty orders will continue to be held. Shanghai fuel may test the support level of line 3350 downward. However, at present, it is not uncommon for the spot price of fuel oil to use polycarbonate as the shell. The rise in futures price of more than 1000 yuan should be paid attention to

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