The hottest Jinrui futures Shanghai Jiaotong fell,

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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong fell violently, and empty orders continued to hold

today's market review: today, the main contract 0811 of environmental noise in the urban area of Shanghai Jiaotong 321 opened higher at 22995, up 195 from the closing price of the previous trading day. Due to the market expansion of new products and customer recognition, it takes a certain time to verify that today's opening price is almost today's highest price, and then it continued to create a new low of the day, fluctuated downward, fell to 22590 at the lowest, and made a slight correction at the end of the trading day, It finally closed at 22610, down 385 from the closing price of the previous trading day

tomorrow's operation suggestions: today's Shanghai Jiao main contract 0811 opened high and went low, with a shock downward. Operationally, it is recommended that empty orders continue to be held. If it continues to fall below the previous low of 23130, empty orders can be increased; We believe that if we break the high point upward, including 23645 in the R & D stage, the bears will leave the market

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