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Jinta group has invested 40million to do packaging and printing, supporting the company's packaging needs

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core tip: in recent years, Jinta group has relied on local resource advantages, based on high-tech farms, guided by high-tech applications, and characterized by full industry chain management, actively introduced and implemented development projects with high scientific and technological content, high output efficiency, and strong driving ability, so as to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. At present, six key projects of the group are in full swing, and some of them have been put into operation and achieved results. Faced with huge packaging demand, Jinta Group invested 40million to specialize in packaging and printing

[China Packaging News] in recent years, relying on the advantages of local resources, Jinta group has actively introduced and implemented development projects with high-tech content, large output benefits and strong driving ability, taking the high-tech farm as the base, high-tech application as the guide, and the operation of the whole industrial chain as the characteristics, so as to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. At present, six key projects of the group are in full swing, and some of them have been put into operation and achieved results. Faced with huge packaging demand, Jinta Group invested 40million to specialize in packaging and printing

Longgang packaging and printing 2.8 machine has realized the closed-loop control of control mode and the program control of experimental process. The total investment of the project is 40million yuan, mainly to build a high-standard workshop of 6400 square meters, and introduce the most advanced domestic five-color offset printing machine, five layer high-strength corrugated paper production line, full-automatic die cutting machine, box making production line, computer full-automatic plate making and image design and other advanced auxiliary equipment. The project can produce 60million pieces of high and middle grade color packaging paper annually, and the scale and production capacity of color printing packaging have reached the domestic first-class level

Jinta group has invested heavily in the following six major projects. After all of them are completed and put into operation, the annual output value of the company will increase significantly

first, modern farm project

it is mainly to comply with the characteristic urbanization development layout of Taonan City, Baicheng City, Jilin Province, and establish a modern large-scale farm by focusing on the construction of thousands of greenhouses, driving the employment of hundreds of households, and promoting the circulation of 10000 mu of land. With a total investment of 150million yuan and a total planting area of 30000 mu, the project is divided into six areas: greenhouse seedling production, excellent variety breeding, smart agriculture pilot, efficient planting demonstration, variety comparison test, and large-scale planting and sightseeing. At present, an investment of 50million yuan has been completed, covering an area of 10000 mu

in this "210" process, the second is the project of supercritical extraction of capsanthin with CO Ψ

this project is developed and constructed in cooperation with Qingdao Ketai biological Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 250million yuan and an area of 45000 square meters. It mainly includes pigment production workshop, slag treatment workshop, fluid extraction workshop, etc. the project was started in 2011 and has been completed and put into operation

third, hyaluronic acid and dietary fiber production and processing projects

it is mainly to extract crystal hyaluronic acid from pepper seed oil. Based on the price of crystal hyaluronic acid of 12.15 million yuan/ton, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.6 billion yuan. At the same time, Jinta group also cooperates with Jilin University to extract dietary fiber from pepper meal after extracting red pigment and pepper seed meal after pressing oil from pepper seeds. At present, 96million yuan has been invested and the steel frame installation of the plant is under way

fourth, the sunflower Likang peptide project

this is a new project put into construction by Jinta group. It mainly uses the patented technology obtained by Dr. Wu Qinglin, the chairman of Beijing Taiai peptide group and the former famous scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and takes sunflower plates as the main raw material to extract alkaline small molecular peptides. This product has the effects of relieving pain and blood pressure, especially for inhibiting uric acid deposition and alleviating gout symptoms. Now only Jinta group is authorized to produce exclusively. The project, with a total investment of 150million yuan, has completed trial production in February this year. It can be officially put into operation after the provincial food and Drug Administration reviews and issues a production license. After the project is put into operation, it can process 2000 tons of sunflower plates annually, and the load of the tested packaging bag for extracting alkaline small molecular peptide 3 is continuously increased by 00 tons from scratch, realizing an output value of 1billion yuan and profits and taxes of 800million yuan

fifth, microbial series food projects

the total investment of this project is 70million yuan to build production workshops and fresh-keeping warehouses, and introduce Japanese canning and flexible packaging production lines. The main products are microbial bean paste, microbial chili sauce, microbial soy sauce and microbial pickles. The project met the production requirements in 2014, and now the microbial chili sauce has been officially put into production, and other series of food R & D and production projects are being orderly promoted

six is the functional red koji project

the total investment of this project is 30million yuan. With crushed rice as the main raw material, soybean cake powder and rice bran as auxiliary materials, Monascus bacteria are used to produce functional Monascus rice flour through fermentation. After the project is completed, 150 tons of functional Monascus rice flour with 2% lovastatin content can be produced annually. The project started construction in 2012 and is currently undergoing trial production

the establishment of projects has injected strong vitality into the transformation and leapfrog development of Jinta. The group has been named as the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and the national scientific and technological innovation enterprise, and has won the national private scientific and technological development contribution award, the first Chinese pepper, China's well-known trademark and other titles. It has successively created four national firsts in terms of the export of frozen pepper, the scale of high-quality brand pepper planting base, the production capacity of pepper powder, and the daily production scale of CO Ψ supercritical extraction of capsanthin. In 2014, the group achieved an output value of 350million yuan and a profit of 19.35 million yuan

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