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Jinming precision machine plans to increase 678million to upgrade the smart factory

for Jinming precision machine, which is deeply involved in the film blowing equipment market, the collision between intelligent manufacturing and Internet + is self-evident. With the help of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other information technology, it is of great significance to optimize production links and supply chains and improve production efficiency. In 2015, through various acquisitions and strategic positions, the company presented two major tracks: Industrial 4.0 + ecological health. Recently, with the announcement of this non-public offering plan, the layout of intelligent manufacturing + interconnected manufacturing + Intelligent ecosystem of Jinming precision machine on industry 4.0 is gradually becoming clear

Jinming precision machinery, which was suspended for one week, resumed trading yesterday. The company plans to issue no more than 68million shares to five specific objects within six months from the date of approval of the CSRC by means of pricing on the first day of the issuance period and locking for one year. It plans to raise 677million yuan for three construction projects: special multifunctional membrane smart factory, agricultural ecological membrane smart equipment, and cloud big data smart service platform

it is worth noting that Ma Jiazhen, the son of Mr. mazhenxin, the director and general manager of the company and the actual controller, will subscribe for the shares of this non-public offering in cash of no less than 100million yuan and no more than 200million yuan. At the same time, he promised not to participate in the market bidding process and accept the market inquiry results. His subscription price is consistent with that of other issuing objects. The representatives of the second generation of young entrepreneurs in Chaoshan area are promoting and embracing the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises with a positive attitude

Jinming precision machine has excellent cost performance, has more than 500 users nationwide, and is exported to 42 countries and regions such as Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. It is one of the brand representatives of China's professional membrane production equipment products in foreign markets, and has high popularity at home and abroad. According to the statistics of China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, the market share of film blowing equipment of Jinming precision machine ranks among the top three in the industry, and has produced more than 120 sets of large-scale film blowing units, accounting for 75% of the market share in the domestic market

intelligent manufacturing is the core of the interconnection transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, and it is also an important embodiment of the interconnection thinking of manufacturing industry. Therefore, the collision between intelligent manufacturing and Internet + will clarify the transformation and upgrading direction of traditional manufacturing enterprises, and better help traditional manufacturing industries optimize production links and bolt fasteners with the help of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other information technology, which usually has hierarchical supply chain, reduce raw material consumption and environmental load, reduce factory costs, and improve production efficiency. Through this non-public offering to raise funds, the company will focus on strategic deployment, actively upgrade Jinming's intelligent manufacturing + interconnected manufacturing + Intelligent ecosystem, develop into a smart factory solution provider in the industry, and finally build Jinming industry 4.0 and great health. According to the plan, the layout of the three projects are upgraded around the main business, mainly including:

intelligent equipment, and the construction of agricultural ecological membrane intelligent equipment project. The project produces agricultural ecological multifunctional cast film intelligent equipment (ecological zebra film intelligent equipment) and agricultural ecological multifunctional blow molding film intelligent equipment (ultra wide external coating Po film blow molding complete equipment). On the one hand, it will improve the structure of agricultural film products in China, thereby reducing the amount of alloy added. On the other hand, it will also greatly reduce environmental pollution, and have broad market prospects and profit space. Ecological zebra film (mulching film) fully considers the impact of film covering effect on crop growth and the physiological and biochemical characteristics of different crops. At the same time, it is organically combined with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, has a variety of functions, is also conducive to environmental protection, and has high technical content. Ultra wide externally coated PO Film (greenhouse film) is co extruded and blown from various functional materials and polyethylene through multi-layer coextrusion technology, which meets the needs of modern and large-scale mechanized agricultural production. The initial investment of the project is 162million

the highlight of this fixed increase is to build a special multifunctional membrane smart factory with 228million yuan. It is reported that in the membrane product manufacturing industry, most of the equipment is just in the automation stage, and there is a large gap in the degree of automation. The product quality is uneven, the production efficiency is low, and the waste of resources is high. There is still a great distance from digitalization, informatization, and intellectualization, and there is an urgent need for transformation and upgrading. In the current context, building a highly intelligent and digital smart factory is of great significance to the intelligent production transformation of downstream industry customers. In the smart factory built by the company, every manufacturing link has the characteristics of automation and intelligence. The equipment realizes data exchange, coordination, resource sharing, visualization of production process, real-time and transparent control of production links, and can be monitored and remotely managed through intelligent terminals, realizing the digital intelligent management of the whole process from production order to product delivery

on the basis that the basic operation has stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, the company took the initiative to raise logic to ecology and build a cloud based big data smart ecosystem. The application of cloud big data will provide data sharing, equipment life cycle management, industry data collection, analysis and application services for enterprises in the membrane production industry, provide comprehensive data on enterprise operation for associations and other institutions, provide effective data sources for Industry Economic Prediction and analysis, and realize the overall management and sharing of data resources. Through the analysis of industry and market demand data, enterprises can accurately locate the most marketable membrane products for production; Through the self applicable selection of the best process formula, enterprises can produce membrane products with the best quality; Through the real-time monitoring and data analysis of equipment operation, the maximum production capacity of a single equipment can be brought into play

the company said that it would make breakthroughs in intelligent software technology, control system, basic theory and other aspects through this non-public meeting, and actively upgrade Jinming's intelligent manufacturing + interconnected manufacturing + Intelligent ecosystem around the strategic deployment, so as to build Jinming industry 4.0 and great health and great cause. This non-public offering of shares is the first step of Jinming precision machinery in Jinming industry 4.0, and also the beginning of the company's transformation and upgrading

Jinming precision machinery has just released its annual report. In the face of the complex economic environment and the continuous downturn of the domestic machinery industry market, Jinming precision machinery has achieved stable development with a large specific surface area of business (2630m2g ⑴) under the condition that the performance of Companies in the same industry has generally fallen sharply or even suffered losses. In 2015, the operating revenue of Jinming precision machinery was 313.8 million yuan, a decrease of only 13.19% compared with 2014, leading other companies in the same industry

in 2015, Jinming precision machinery frequently developed in the new field of special multi-functional film and new materials, entered the fields of intelligent manufacturing, Internet industry and industrial ecosystem in the field of high-end plastic industry, and gradually built Jinming into a smart factory solution provider in the plastic industry, creating a smart Jinming. On the other hand, through cooperation with Tsinghua University, we will carry out the great health cause of rehabilitation robots, build a research platform for related technologies of intelligent rehabilitation robots, research and develop related technologies of high-end rehabilitation robots, and develop digital and networking based intelligent rehabilitation systems on this basis

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