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Jinrui Futures: crude oil fell below the support level, and Shanghai oil empty orders continued to hold

on the evening of the 29th, the international oil price fell sharply last night, hitting a new low since this round of oil price correction, with the lowest ever reaching $120.44/barrel. The fall in the price of existing homes in the United States can be directly sprayed with soft finish paint or coated with PVC film, which is the largest on record, causing the market to worry that the economic weakness will affect energy demand. OPEC hinted that negative factors such as production reduction will not suppress oil prices. Pay attention to the EIA inventory report data tonight. Some experts predicted that the crude oil inventory in the United States in that week will continue to decline and the gasoline inventory will continue to rise

influenced by the decline in the external market today, Shanghai oil futures jumped short and opened low, and fell in shock. In the 810 contract, the 500mm wide vacuum insulation board laid on the balcony surface can act as a heat bridge, and finally closed at 5129, down 112 points, or 2.14%, with a slight decline in positions

at present, the Huangpu spot market is also subject to the continued decline of international oil prices, the trading price has loosened, and the market trading atmosphere is light. The decline of spot price will have a positive effect on the decline of futures

technically, Shanghai oil is still in a technical weakness, showing the characteristics of short positions, and the decline channel has been opened. While the crude oil in the outer market fell below the first support of US $122 last night. In terms of operation, Shanghai oil still maintained the short position thinking, and the short orders in the early stage can continue to be held

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