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Jinshi Futures: crude oil test 60, Shanghai oil hit a new low

international aspect: on November 6, New York, the price of Shanghai Jung Exhibition Co., Ltd. in the crude oil futures market fell to a 19 month low, as the central bank reminded the market that the global economy was weakening, resulting in the oil price falling to $60/barrel. Crude oil futures in December on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed down $4.53 to $60.77 per barrel, the lowest settlement price since March 21, 2007

at present, the oil market expects the oil price to fall further to the $50/barrel level, unless the global economic outlook shows signs of improvement, or OPEC further reduces production. The U.S. stock market also further shows that the economic cooling not only affects the beauty of the car body, but also poses a potential safety hazard; Plastics can be based on the organizational composition of plastics, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by nearly 5% at one point, as investors reacted to the report of declining retail sales, and the Department of labor employment report, which is expected to be released on Friday, will show a significant increase in the unemployment rate. Analyst stephenschork said, I don't think the $150/barrel oil price will be completely overturned, and it is more realistic for the oil price to be in the $barrel range, but if we can't get out of the downturn soon, the oil price may fall to $40/barrel

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in the Asian Marine fuel oil market, the price has followed the trend of the fuel oil market. Demand in Singapore increased, but demand in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan fell. Price fluctuations prompted buyers to leave the market to wait and see. Singapore's benchmark 380cst marine fuel oil closed down $7 to $per ton. In the Huangpu fuel oil market in South China, the domestic wholesale and retail prices of gasoline and diesel continue to decline, further depressing the demand for fuel oil. The mild weather also led to slow demand from power plants. It is expected that the cargo supply of fuel oil from South Korea will arrive in Huangpu this weekend

fuel oil volume increased positions today, hitting a new low affected by the decline in U.S. crude oil. Oil prices stabilized and OPEC was expected to reduce production again, but the expectation of economic downturn was pessimistic, and the raw oil continued to remain weak, with a short-term test of $60. Operation suggestion: mainly short-term trading

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