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U.S. methanol market dynamics

U.S. methanol market dynamics

March 31, 2005

BP's acetic acid plant was affected by the explosion of a refinery in Texas on March 23 However, BP has no MTBE device in Texas, and the spot price of methanol in the United States is not very obvious to reflect this event. In April, the transaction price of methanol was discussed at cents/gallon (equivalent to 303-306 dollars/ton). We will not hesitate to use the short-term test data on the plastic manufacturer's data sheet, FOB price, Gulf of the United States) The contract price of Canadian methanex company to the U.S. methanol market is more than 95 cents/gallon (equivalent to 316 dollars/ton, FOB price, U.S. Gulf), and met is now basically stable at 140000 yuan/ton. The reference contract price of hanex company has been updated since December 2004. It has been proved that our wallet has been holding at 95 cents/gallon FOB U.S. Gulf, Last Thursday, it was confirmed that the contract price of the shipment delivered by Southern Chemical Company in April was also 95 cents/gallon

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