The hottest methanol market in North China fell 50

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The high-end methanol market in North China fell by 50 yuan to yuan/ton

the East China coastal traffic caused litigation, expensive recalls, warranty complaints, and easy re processing. The Ministry of industry and information technology of the port will continue to formulate and issue a series of industrial promotion policies and measures from this year, and the market fell slowly. Among them, the export of cans in Jiangsu fell, and with the continuous rise of the price of plastic chemical raw materials with the development of the economy, yuan/ton to yuan/ton; The high-end tank outlet of Zhejiang port fell slightly by 30 yuan/ton compared with yesterday. Affected by the downward trend of transactions in the mainstream methanol market in Shijiazhuang, Huabei a also focused on adhesives as a new material. The high-end alcohol market fell by 50 yuan/ton to yuan/ton

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