The hottest methanol price in East China stopped f

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Methanol prices in East China stopped falling and stabilized

this week, the methanol market in East China stopped falling and stabilized under the contraction of trading volume. From August 15 to August 21, the market reference price was 2380-2400 yuan/ton, basically the same as last week

market characteristics this week

1 methanol market demand is insufficient, and under the condition of sufficient supply, the price lacks the power to rebound

2 the methanol market in surrounding areas has warmed up, forming a certain supporting load for the price in East China. Does the measurement accuracy meet or exceed the standards of astm4 and iso7500/1 The load sensor should also consider: range, accuracy, repeatability, offset loading fault, nonlinearity, stable compensation range, temperature zero drift and sensitivity The automatic identification, calibration and zeroing of the load sensor greatly speeds up the experimental process and ensures the consistency and accuracy of the data In addition

3 methanol prices in Southeast Asia rose slightly. On August 18, the price per ton fluctuated slightly around $295, up $5 per ton from last week

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as the methanol price in East China has stopped falling and stabilized recently, with the market selling pressure gradually decreasing, it is expected that the price will be slightly adjusted at the current price next week

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