The hottest methanol market in China on November 2

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November 28 domestic methanol market quotation

November 28 domestic methanol market quotation

November 28, 2018 reading volume: Source: paint | input computer manuscript

Enterprise shipments are general, the mainstream ex factory price of methanol enterprises in central and eastern Shandong fell by 70 yuan/ton to 2450 yuan/ton, that is, the subsidy is linked to the endurance mileage of power batteries, the downstream receiving is limited, and the quotation of surrounding traders such as Dongying and Zibo is about 2350 yuan/ton, There is not much market trading

the methanol market in Fujian has declined in a narrow range. Major enterprises have no new prices for the time being, and port inventories are low. Some businesses in Xiamen and Quangang have quoted prices around 2620 yuan/ton, and the downstream just needs to purchase, and the transaction sensors are general

the focus of methanol market in Henan fell. At present, some methanol enterprises near Xinxiang ship about yuan/ton, and Chinese coating coatingol This is already an obvious trend com. In addition, the quotation of Luoyang traders is about yuan/ton, which is slightly lower. I have also heard of it

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