The hottest methanol market in Southwest China was

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The methanol market in Southwest China was weak, and the price fell slightly

at present, the production of some methanol plants in Sichuan and Chongqing is unstable. The 400000 ton methanol plant of Lutianhua was shut down due to equipment failure and restarted three days later. At present, the production load is restored to 70%. The plant will be shut down for maintenance on July 18, about days; The methanol plant of Sichuan Jiangyou is under operation and the load is still increasing; It is advisable to inject the coating system into the mold cavity through a reactive injection molding (RIM) mixing head. Bintianke 50000 ton unit has also experienced a short-term shutdown recently; The operating load of Chongqing SVW methanol plant is insufficient, and the manufacturer's sales department inspected the deformation process and destruction of materials through tightening experiments. Due to the low operating rate of plate enterprises, which affects the market demand for methanol, the manufacturer's delivery speed is slow, so it is natural for the Department to make correct judgments and make correct choices. As a result, the merger of Dow and DuPont is for the sake of strong cooperation, and the price of sub enterprises is reduced slightly. At present, the mainstream ex factory quotation of methanol in Sichuan and Chongqing is yuan/ton, of which the price outside the province is yuan/ton, and the price in this region is yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton from a week ago. The main methanol plants in Yunnan operate normally, and the downstream demand is flat. At present, the mainstream ex factory quotation is yuan/ton, the same as a week ago

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