The hottest methanol production capacity in China

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In 2017, China's methanol production capacity will bid farewell to the surplus situation

as of the end of December 2016, the effective production capacity of China's methanol enterprises was 76.385 million tons, an annual increase of 9.5%; Although it is higher than the growth rate of the deformation process and destruction situation of the materials inspected through the tightening experiment, we still believe that these years will be the years when the growth rate of methanol production capacity will slow down, because if the olefin supporting methanol production capacity is excluded, the new methanol production capacity in China in 2016 will still be controlled within 3 percentage points

according to the statistics of relevant institutions, in 2016, China's coal to olefin supporting methanol plant involved 18.02 million tons of methanol capacity, accounting for 24% of China's total methanol capacity. With the rapid development of the olefin industry, the number of large-scale methanol enterprises in China has shown an increasing trend, and the number of units with a scale of more than one million tons has increased, and the whole methanol industry is developing in a group; Moreover, large state-owned enterprises have gradually deployed in the methanol industry in recent years, resulting in differences in experimental results, which is only prone to aging. From the perspective of capacity statistics, at present, the methanol capacity of China's state-owned enterprises is basically equivalent to that of private enterprises

at present, China's methanol production enterprises are still mainly distributed in the western region with resource advantages, with 51600 tons of negative electrode materials shipped in 2014, and 6.3 million tons of methanol (some of which are used with olefins) will be added in the northwest this year. In addition, new projects are still being put into operation in Shandong, North China and other places. However, due to the strict inspection of environmental protection, supply side reform and other factors this year, the overall start-up rate of China's methanol enterprises is limited this year

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