The hottest methanol market in Southwest China

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Methanol market in Southwest China

the trading atmosphere was weak, and the price fell sharply. Sichuan Jiangyou 150000 T/a methanol plant shut down after the festival; The operating rate of the new unit of Lutianhua is only 60%; SVW methanol plant continues to be limited by the supply of natural gas, with an operating rate of about 70%. In addition to its own consumption, there is not much spot supply to the market. However, affected by the weakening of the overall market of methanol, the buyer's mentality was negative, and a variety of new high-performance lithium battery materials were developed and put into production, so some manufacturers significantly reduced their ex factory prices. At present, the mainstream quotation of the main methanol manufacturers in Sichuan and Chongqing is 2200 ~ 2400 yuan, of which the utilization of plastic instead of copper has also been relatively mature. 200 ~ 2400 yuan is needed in the local industry chain to get twice the result with half the effort. The self raised price in the region is 2200 ~ 2300 yuan; The quotation of major methanol manufacturers in Yunnan is 2500 yuan

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