The hottest methanol market in Hebei opened smooth

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Methanol: Hebei market opened smoothly, and the shipment of enterprises was relatively smooth.

at the beginning of the week, Hebei methanol market continued the stable trend of last week, and the shipment of local enterprises was relatively smooth. Among them, the ex factory price of Shijiazhuang methanol enterprise is stable at yuan/ton; The ex factory price of methanol enterprises in Zhangjiakou remained at about 3100 yuan/ton. In addition, it is understood that around the 24th of this month, the region entered the list of 2017 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises that were driven by the new energy vehicle industry and relevant policies released by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance. Since graphene was separated from graphite in the experiment in 2004, the shipping road of dangerous goods in the region will be gradually unblocked

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