The hottest methanol plant in Turpan Hami oilfield

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Methanol from the methanol plant of Tuha oilfield sells well

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as of August 10, the 111 group of laboratory operators needed to repeatedly load, test and remove the test parts in one day. Tuha oilfield exported 135500 tons of methanol, and the rate of high-grade products remained 100%, but it was certain that after a few points, the annual sales task was completed 51 days in advance

Flaming Mountain brand methanol is the product produced by the methanol plant of Tuha oilfield using self-produced natural gas. Due to the adoption of the international advanced technology of trapezoidal arrangement of two main light bars, the quality of this product has reached the national high-grade product standard and has become a hot commodity in East China, North China and other places

the methanol plant of Turpan Hami oilfield uses waste heat from production to generate electricity, which meets 70% of its own electricity consumption, and can save 950000 kwh of electricity annually. The plant also applied new processes to reduce the consumption of natural gas for the production of 1 ton of methanol from more than 1300 cubic meters in the past to 1120 cubic meters at present, effectively reducing production costs

in order to ensure the safe production of methanol, the methanol plant of Tuha oilfield strictly implements the 16 HSE management systems of refining and chemical industry, strengthens the operation management, hidden danger investigation and treatment, and makes the comprehensive intact rate of equipment reach 99.97%, realizes the operation of equipment with zero failure rate, and effectively improves the production efficiency of equipment

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